Welcome to MR KOI

MR KOI is a new business providing custom made, stainless steel, koi pond window frames, falls and accessories.

We have built our reputation on providing high quality goods and services at a price that is affordable to all koi keepers.

That reputation is now growing and spreading country wide, earning us a known name among the nishikigoi community.

More and more people are finding out that MR KOI can respond to and deal with all your koi accessory dreams, three sided or four sided, fiberglassed or lined pond windows, and do so in a friendly and professional manner.

All of our custom accessories are exactly what we say - custom built to your exact specifications, be it a large or small item we will do our utmost best to provide 100% satisfaction.

Hopefully you will soon discover that whether you're looking for one pond accessory or everything you need to complete the pond of your dreams, MR KOI can provide you with it all and at a price that's right for you.

From Koi keepers to Koi keepers...

Let dreams no longer be dreamed but fulfilled.


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